Double Digit Return

Double Digit Return
April 29, 2019 Jessica Landale

Cosmo Grace Property have recently finished a full refurbishment turning a dated property into a functional, modern day family home. Originally the property had the bathroom on the ground floor, not a layout that is particularly favoured in current times. We rearranged the accommodation on the first floor, enabling us to incorporate the family bathroom on the first floor, whilst still having three bedrooms. The original plan was to keep the property as a buy-to-let, however the demand from purchasers in the area made us re-think our plan of action and as a result we have now put the property on the open market.

The property was purchased for £76,000 and is now back on the market at £130,000 giving a potential return on the project of 19.4% and a 37.99% potential return on the capital employed! I include below a breakdown of the finances involved and also some images of the project. The final figures achieved will be subject to change due to several variables including final sale price achieved and length of time to sell.






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