“I contacted Cosmo Grace Property with a half idea, not really knowing what I wanted to achieve or when but they were really patient and very clear. They spoke in detail about my options as a first time landlord, what it entailed and what they could do to help with their knowledge& expertise.

One thing I found very reassuring was that they always checked if I was happy and if it was I wanted at every stage, with no pushing but lots of support. My situation was/is quite sensitive and emotional but they genuinely couldn’t show more care and patience in every conversation and step of the process.

I have learnt lots but I have also gained a lot of confidence with them and I recommend them to anyone in the property industry or proposing to be. Their social media posts have meaning & purpose, not sales & jargon which echos their working ethos & customer service. I also recommend their live videos as they are practical & informative with some humour!”

Nici – Northumberland


“Jonathan and Jessica came highly recommended to me via a reliable business contact. I used their service in refurbishment, letting and tenant management.

Both Jonathan and Jessica are truly expert in their areas. They have provided a hands off experience where my buy to let property was refurbished to a high standard, right on budget and with minimal input from my side. The whole refurbishment process runs like clockwork with regular weekly updates.

Towards the end of the refurbishment, I had my first meeting with Jessica at the property. During this visit, she also kindly gave me a whistle-stop tour of Newcastle, giving me a succinct and valuable rundown of the property market there. It has clearly demonstrated their extensive local knowledge of the area and gives me comfort that I’m getting advice from a very reliable source. Once the refurbishment was completed, in line with schedule, Jessica found me good tenants within weeks even before she marketed the property Rightmove.

The greatest thing I like about Jonathan and Jessica’s is their professionalism, quick turnaround, responsiveness, and patience in taking their time to explain things to me. Jonathan, with his background as a chartered surveyor, has also been very helpful in giving me great advice in my other buy to let project where his valuable advice has just saved me £2k of unnecessary refurbishment cost.

I hope I will have the opportunity to work with them again in the near future.”

Grace Norbert-Tikun – (Property Investor, London)


“Jessica has been amazing in helping me get into my new home. From the moment we met, to the handing over of the keys, she has been professional but genuine. The house has been refurbed to the highest standard and Jessica included me in any last minute decisions such as the colour of the flooring which is something so simple but so important to feel included in and I could not be happier writing this from my beautiful new home! So thank you Jessica and Jonathan for making this process as stress free as possible, I really can’t thank you enough! P.s – my bed fits and I am soooo glad the stone wall was kept!!”

Stefanie – Hexham